8 Nov

Cheerio, mates! Hope you all are doing well. We’ve been busy round these parts. Celebrating babies, good friends, and soaking up fall while we can.

I wrote a post about the election yesterday that never made it up on the blog. Mostly because it was much more cynical than I intended:

” And just like that, it’s over. Finally. The phone calls, the mail, the facebook posts. OH lawd, those facebook posts. People proudly proclaiming ‘Go Vote!,’ because that paired with a photo of your ‘I Voted!’ sticker really got people moving. People blaming the government for their personal economic crisis, because taking control of your own future/education/job couldn’t possibly be your responsibility….”

“Let’s be honest here: The livin’ is pretty easy here in this US of A. There were no threats from the Taliban toward people involved in this election. No bombs went off at polling stations. No campaign members were murdered. The election was not postponed due to security threats or hazardous conditions.”

See? Told you. When all I truly cared to say was, “yay, Obama!” and:

Moving on to something fun. Trapezes!

Are you familiar with the children’s brand Oeuf? (You can find their amazing line of modern baby furniture here). Founder Sophie Demenge just might win mother of the year for letting her children swing from a trapeze that is a permanent fixture in their Brooklyn living room.

How fun is that!? Click here for more details and photos of her beautiful home.

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